Monday, May 17, 2010


As we prepare for our flights today, I got to thinking: A flight is a great metaphor for a trip like this.

Prior to, we were nervous and excited, unsure of how the trip was going to turn out. We were ready though, come what may. The take-off, or beginning, of the trip was an experience of new sensations. Our emotions weren't stable and ultimately we were just trying to figure it all out here. Eventually though we leveled out, and while some turbulence may have been had along the way, we figured out the problems which came along. We began our descent a few days ago, when it finally set in that going home was approaching.

Winding down the trip has been the most bittersweet thing I've experienced. I've had a wonderful and life-changing time here, but it will also be wonderful to go home and start the new adventure. I don't think we'll have fully landed in America for a few days though, as adjusting will certainly be needed. As we become home-bound today, I'm looking forward to landing on American soil. What will it be like to have true Americana surrounding me, rather than British TV and Irish accents? I'm certain it will be wonderful, and I can hardly wait for it all [especially to go to a Reds Game - a true American pastime]!

This trip certainly wasn't a breeze. We've had our ups and downs, both together and separately throughout, but I wouldn't trade a second of any of it. Even the difficult times were wonderful in the end. Each moment of each day has shaped this trip into what it has become for us.

Ultimately, Phillip and I have both grown and changed as people, personally and within our relationship with one another. This adventure has helped me to grow up in ways I didn't realize I needed to mature in and has truly made me a better and more well-rounded individual. When I get home, I'll be ready for life's next adventure, whatever it may be.
Peace out Limerick. You've been wonderful to us. I'll miss you, but I'm reay for the next step in my life...

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